Volunteers can assist with community outreach and direct service or response programs. Volunteers are supervised by the Volunteer Coordinator and by program staff.


You can volunteer in many ways, helping with agency fundraisers or donation drive, serving as a Board Member, helping with the Crisis Line, or painting the walls at one of our offices. In some capacities, volunteers will go through a more deliberate and thorough training to give them the ability to directly serve survivors or to handle crisis situations dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence.


Each volunteer helps make BrightHouse a place of safety and warmth for victims of sexual and domestic abuse. We encourage questions, suggestions, and open exchange between staff and volunteers.


We are excited that you are interested in knowing more about volunteer opportunities. We hope you will consider what role you can play in supporting survivors in our community.


Any person at least 18 years of age is eligible to apply to volunteer. No prior training related to sexual assault or domestic violence is necessary to become a volunteer, although survivors are asked to wait at least one year before volunteering.


BrightHouse is dedicated to preparing volunteers with the knowledge to become an integral part of the solution to end violence. Our hope is that volunteers benefit as much from their experience as staff benefit from their service to their community. Our mission is to provide non-judgmental support to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, their families and friends.


Direct Response

Volunteers trained for Direct Response can be on call 5pm-9am and on weekends. Direct Response volunteers notify the Volunteer Coordinator of their availability and are in constant contact with Advocates and Shelter staff.

Fundraising Events and Outreach

BrightHouse representatives attend health fairs and community events and coordinate fundraisers and awareness events to promote services and educate the public. Volunteers help to staff those booths and organize fundraising activities in collaboration with the agency.

Staff Care

Our clients are very important, but we would not be the organization we are without our staff. Volunteers can provide a staff luncheon or share special skills or knowledge that would help our staff with self-care.

Shelter Maintenance and Upkeep

The upkeep and maintenance of our shelter is very important as this is where our clients who need safe shelter stay. This includes minor maintenance and repairs at the shelter.


This position shadows and works with our victim advocates. This is a good position for anyone interested in learning more about a career in victim advocacy or social work.

Board of Directors

Recruitment to our board of directors is ongoing, with a new board decided in October.