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High Demand Items

  • Paper Towels

  • 3x and 4x Scrub Tops


Clothes (plus size items are hard to come by, we could really use larger sizes)

  • Plus size clothing, especially dress clothes for work

  • 3x and up t-shirts

  • Scrub tops and bottoms sizes small-4xl (bigger sizes especially)

  • Bra Sizes 42 (3x) and up

  • New T-shirts and gym shorts in toddler to pre-teen sizes

  • New women and teen girl's underwear, all sizes


  • New, unused pillows (everyone who enters shelter gets their own pillow)

  • Individual snacks

  • Canvas Bags

  • Gift cards for food

  • Reusable Travel Bottles for Water

  • Hygiene Products for men and women

    • Deodorant​

    • Conditioner

    • Brushes

    • Hair ties

    • Shaving Cream

  • Kids Hygiene Products

    • Shampoo​

    • Body Wash

    • Toothbrushes

    • Tooth paste

  • Smoke detector for deaf persons

  • Baby/child monitor for deaf persons


  • Coloring Books

  • Small Toys/Fidgets

  • Band-Aids/First Aid Kits

Items for Boxes

  • For cleaning boxes:

    • buckets, mops, brooms, dustpans, toilet brushes

  • For kitchen boxes:

    • pitchers, cups, silverware trays, forks, kitchen knives of various sizes, cutting board, cookie and pizza baking sheets, pizza cutter, cutting boards, can openers, scissors, peeler, grater, storage containers with lids, whisks, spatulas, mixing spoons, measuring cups/spoons, spatulas, cooking spoons, mixing bowls, strainers, ice cube trays, drinking cups, pot holders, dish towels, seasonings, pots and pans. 

  • For new home boxes:

    • calendars, screw drivers, new candles, matches, duct tape, recipe boxes with cards, push pins, sticky tack, air freshener, new first aid kits, sewing kits, unopened basic spices, batteries, unopened OTC pain relievers, envelopes, and ink pens.


You can donate online, mail a check, or bring donations to our office in person.


125 W 2nd Ave, Ste. B

Hutchinson, KS 67501


BrightHouse has an endowment account through the Hutchinson Community Foundation. Donations can be made directly to this account. Contact the Hutchinson Community Foundation at 620.663.5293 or for more information.


Estate planning can also be used to donate to BrightHouse. If you would like to include the agency in your estate, consult with your legal advisor on the best means.


Connect your Amazon account to AmazonSmile and choose our organization to receive portions of the money you spend.

You can also choose us to benefit from your Dillons purchases through Dillons Community Rewards.

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