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Since 1976, BrightHouse has provided hotline services to victims and others affected by domestic violence and sexual violence. The agency began as a grassroots organization of concerned citizens of Reno County. It was first incorporated in December of 1981 as Coalition Against Spousal Abuse. The name was later changed to Victims of Abuse Network. In 1986, it merged with the unincorporated Rape Hotline and the name changed to Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center of Reno County, Inc. Due to the expansion of services in surrounding counties, the name became Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center, Inc. in 1997. In 1999 the Child Visitation and Exchange Center (CVEC) was added to services offered to families. CVEC was changed to Parenting Time Center (PTC) in November, 2022. In 2018, a successful rebranding through the Hutchinson Community Foundation renamed the agency as BrightHouse.

The shelter house in Hutchinson opened in 1987 and has continued since then to provide safety to women and children. Since 1976, volunteers have provided support and advocacy to victims. Through the years, funds have become more available and volunteers less available. Paid staff have continued to provide support and advocacy. The number of survivors served, and the number of services provided both continue to grow.

Today BrightHouse faces many challenges. One challenge is to provide services to those who are traditionally underserved. The largest underserved population in our service area is the geographically isolated – our rural population. Over the years, BrightHouse has received many grants to make outreach into these areas possible. The first grant provided an office in Lyons in Rice County, and in 2002, SADVC opened an office in Kingman to serve Kingman and Harper Counties. We also serve others who are traditionally underserved.

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