BrightHouse is dedicated to developing a community that is free from domestic and sexual violence.

If we want to achieve this vision, we must start with the youth in our communities. BrightHouse advocates are available to speak to students of all ages about our work and about the importance of healthy relationships. We tailor each experience to the audience and utilize a number of tools to help engage individuals in a meaningful way.

If you are interested in having a BrightHouse advocate speak to or work with your group, please send us an email at info@BrightHouseKS. org, or give us a call at 620-665-3630.

In Their Shoes is an education tool that puts participants in the shoes of a teenager who has been experiencing dating violence. Participants go through different scenarios as this individual and make decisions to see what it is like to be in an unhealthy relationship. BrightHouse has used this exercise with a number of students from middle school through high school and continues to invite groups who work with young people to have an advocate speak and share this exercise.

Safe Dates is a multi-day curriculum that can be taught in schools by a trained advocate. Every year, 1 in 4 adolescents verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from a dating partner. Safe Dates aims to stop this behavior before it starts. If our youth have been taught how to have healthy relationships, they can contribute to a safer future for everyone with no domestic or sexual violence. BrightHouse has taught Safe Dates in multiple schools to high school-aged students as part of their health classes and continues to schedule these in a way that will reach as many students as possible.

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