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Privacy and protection go hand in hand. At BrightHouse, we strive to protect our staff, as well as our clients, in every way we can. Call our office at 620.665.3630 and we’ll direct you to a staff member.

  • Sue, Executive Director 

  • Nikki, Director of Advocacy

  • Jason, Grant Coordinator

  • Chere, Shelter Manager

  • Kat, Visitation Coordinator

  • Pam, Victim Advocate

  • Riley, Victim Advocate

  • Cassie, Victim Advocate

  • Cegan, Victim Advocate

  • Angie, Victim Advocate

  • Peggy, Outreach Coordinator

  • Cami, Rice County Victim Advocate

  • Paula, Kingman and Harper Counties Victim Advocate


The board is led by the Executive Committee. There are currently three additional standing committees: finance, fundraising, and governance. Board members are appointed to these committees at the November meeting of the board of directors.


BrightHouse is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Bylaws state that a board of up to 12 will govern the agency. Terms are set at three years and one can serve two consecutive terms.


  • Leslie Shea, President, Heartland Credit Union

  • Justin Jensen, Vice President, PPD

  • Keith Neill, Treasurer, First Presbyterian Church

  • Shelly Rasor, Secretary, Reno County Sherriff's Dept.

  • Susan Wilson, Member-at-Large

  • Amy Lux, Kanza Bank

  • Amy Bretz, United Way

  • Kristen Armstrong, Shepherd Elder Law Group

  • Gaye Tibbets, Hite, Fanning, & Honeyman

  • Dave Sotelo, Hutchinson Human Relations Officer

  • Chrissie Schul, Allen Samuels of Hutchinson

Anyone interested in becoming a board member is encouraged to contact an existing board member or the Executive Director at 620.665.3630.

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