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At BrightHouse, we work to bring victims of abuse out of the shadows and into the light. We help those we serve shine, and work towards a brighter future for our community. When we walk with our allies, we outshine the darkness of abuse.



We’re constantly seeking new ways to bring attention to the important issue of abuse. By hosting and participating in local events, we can show the impact BrightHouse services have in our communities.


We attend various fairs to help get information to the community such as:

  • Senior Fairs

  • Women's Fair

  • Health Fair

  • Community College

"What Were They Wearing?" Runway Show


BrightHouse hosted a unique runway show, where models showcased outfits victims of sexual violence were wearing at the time of their assault. This event was part of a larger campaign to shatter the myth that women are responsible for being harassed or assaulted because of their clothing choices.

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