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Donor Spotlight: Crystal

As a nonprofit, we would not be where we are today without the support of our donors. We decided to start this donor spotlight feature to give our donors a chance to share why they give to BrightHouse.

We were so happy when Crystal agreed to be our first spotlighted donor. Crystal has always been a huge supporter of what we do and has shared this support through donating during Match Day and simply showing up and asking what we need. We have Crystal to thank for helping make sure our office is clean and sanitized!


Here's Crystal's story:

My mom was a victim of domestic violence when my sister and I were young. Back then, in small town Kansas, there wasn't a place like BrightHouse to help her get on her feet again. She had to rely on herself and family to get us away from my abusive father. With no resources she made it, and so did we. But I can only imagine how our lives would have been different had she had access to the amazing staff and resources that BrightHouse offers to Hutchinson and the surrounding areas. I donate so families like mine have a chance not just to succeed, but to thrive.

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