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Don’t Forget the Pets plan…

10/1/22 – Hutchinson, KS. – BrightHouse is now able to help people fleeing domestic violence secure a safe situation for pets. Pets are family, too!

A Stallman Foundation Grant will be used to help survivors who are leaving dangerous situations take their pets with them. National figures indicate up to half of the people who need to flea dangerous domestic situations do not do so for fear of what will happen to their pets if they are left behind. An animal left with an abuser is often heartlessly abused to try and control the partner.

BrightHouse is working with Prairie Vista Veterinary Hospital to provide vaccinations, microchipping treatment and boarding to animals who need safe shelter as much as their human companions. BrightHouse Advocates will also work to find housing that will accommodate both the survivor and their pets. The need for such services will also be measured, and long-term plans will be evaluated for the future.

Anyone who needs assistance can call the BrightHouse office at 620-665-3630 or come in to talk to an Advocate during office hours between 8 am and 4:30 pm. If it is an emergency, please call the 24-hour crisis line at 1.800.701.3630. All services are confidential, non-judgmental and free.

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