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Los defensores de BrightHouse altamente capacitados ofrecen apoyo emocional confidencial a cualquier persona cuya vida se haya visto afectada por una agresión sexual o violencia doméstica. Todos los servicios son confidenciales y gratuitos.

Domestic Violence

  • 24/7 CrisisLine

    • Call 620-663-2522 or Text "LIGHT" to 847411. This service is focused on immediate safety and involves assisting the caller with planning and evaluating what is needed in that moment. 

  • Crisis Intervention

    • Work is done to validate the survivor's experience while assessing safety and providing assistance for immediate safety planning. At this time there may be law enforcement or medical accompaniment or the individual may decide to enter shelter. ​

  • Personal Advocacy

    • BrightHouse advocates will work with you to help you in doing what YOU want to do so that autonomy and dignity are built.​

  • Medical Advocacy

    • An advocate can go with you to be seen at the hospital for a forensic exam or to be checked out by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). ​

  • Court Advocacy

    • BrightHouse has advocates that regularly attend public court hearings and arrangements can be made to have an advocate attend other related hearings with a survivor. This service ensures the interests and rights of the survivors are represented and that survivors are making informed decisions about the criminal or civil process.​

  • Law Enforcement Advocacy

    • Advocates are available to accompany survivors when talking with Law Enforcement and can invite Law Enforcement to the office if that makes the survivor feel more comfortable. Advocates work to make sure the decisions made are survivor-driven. ​

  • Emergency Accommodations

    • This service is intended to provide safety for families fleeing domestic violence with an environment that is physically safe when shelter is not an option.​

  • Shelter

    • We have a shelter that provides safety for survivors and their family when they are fleeing domestic violence. Shelter, food, and other basic needs are provided and information is given on community resources that may be used to help each individual.​

  • Supportive Counseling

    • BrightHouse assists the survivor by building coping sills, identifying support systems, developing safety plans based on the individuals needs, and provide survivor-specific and survivor-informed information about sexual violence.​

  • Support Group

    • An advocate facilitates meetings for individuals that promote healthy and appropriate boundaries, increase knowledge, and provide a safe and accepting environment to all who attend.​

  • Parent & Child Advocacy

  • Child/Youth Advocacy

  • Community Awareness & Education

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